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California Employee Admits to Theft of Trade Secrets

The Sacramento Business Journal reported last week that Allen Cotten, a former employee of Genesis Microwave, Inc., “admitted to stealing trade secrets from Genesis Microwave and offering them for sale to foreign governments.” Notice the emphasis on employee. Regular readers of this website will understand the significance of that fact.

According to the article, “Cotten worked for Genesis Microwave, Inc., in El Dorado Hills, and admitted that beginning in February 2004 he began to steal plans, designs, parts and specifications for components known as logarithmic video amplifiers. The technology has military applications for radar jamming, guidance, countermeasures and locating enemy signals during combat.”

This happens far too frequently–get your trade secrets protection plans in order and make sure they are followed. Your employees are not your friends.

Kudos to the FBI for doing the legwork that resulted in the confession.


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  1. Biggest Crock of Shit ever posted!!!
    That’s the problem with the U.S. Media and always will be. Never know the Real Truth and never investigate both sides of the story. Anyone with any intelegence these days know you only do plea bargins with the goverment because you have to. Simple statistics and common sense make it manditory. Justice has absolutely nothing to do with the equation in todays Justice System and it never will again in this goverment as far as I can tell. A country full of complacent poeple hardly engaged in the realities of the current Justice system
    where 1 in 4 people today are x cons. I was in with a guy who caught to many fish off the coast. Another signed the wrong FEMA Form. Yet another got a DUI on federal property and did 12 months in Federal Prison.
    God is the only hope for the country gone amuck originally set out to be be mans last great hope on planet earth. God Help Us!!!!

    Comment by Allen Cotten | April 16, 2011 | Reply

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