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Bally hit with suit on hiring of CEO

The Trade Secrets Vault has an article posted on the Bally/24 Hour Fitness row. It looks like the case will bring up issues of the enforceability of Non-compete clauses and the inevitable disclosure doctrine. One to watch.


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Keeping Corporate Secrets Secret

Good article over at explaining the steps to take when considering protection for your trade secrets. While the article relates to high-stakes information and advises costly protection plans (i.e., encryption, data leak prevention tools, etc.), it is instructive of the way that trade secret protection is done at the largest corporate level.

However, there are still some common-sense approaches that can work for anyone–such as the advice to use digital signatures and to segregate the data that absolutely must be protected at higher levels from lower level information. I find the following advice to be very instructive of how a trade secrets protection plan should be implemented: “Be reasonable and employees will participate.”

Read the whole thing.

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