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Cargill Loses Trade Secret Case in California

According to, which provides “business news for the food industry”, Cargill has lost its claim for misappropriation of trade secrets by three former employers named Matt Budine, Brian Sundberg, and Luciana Jonkman. The former employers formed a dairy nutrition and management consultancy firm called Progressive Dairy Solutions. According to Cargill spokesman David Feider, “The litigation with Cargill’s former employees was about whether they could use – acting as competitors – the fruits of Cargill’s research and development efforts for their own purposes after they left Cargill. ”

The Federal Court in Fresno, California found the claims “objectively specious.” Ouch. Cargill is apparently exploring appeal options.

We will update if we learn more.


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  1. Well, the evil empire as we in the dairy industry call Cargill has got to come to terms that you can’t win them all. They should just go on with the show there is enough work for all and just leave guys who are trying to make a living to do just that. Or Cargill (Goliath) as all the bad loosers are trying to destroy a small Davis just because. Business as usual gentlemen please.

    Comment by Victoria | September 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Cargill is going to be losing much more than trade secrets soon enough. There’s an entire culture of individual markets not willing to trade or exchange capitol with anyone outside of sustainable limits.

    I’m marking the days until the debacle, Cargill, is rendered fully exposed for its atrocities.

    Comment by eriewire | January 25, 2009 | Reply

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