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Practically Speaking – Protecting IP Is A Top Concern for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

There’s an interesting article over at the The Signal that every entrepreneur and every person interested in starting a business should read. It would sound somewhat cynical coming from me since it advocates taking your business start-up plans to an attorney for an IP review, so I will let Dr. Maureen Stephenson do the talking and convincing.

Key graphs:

Entrepreneurs should start thinking about protecting their intellectual property earlier than most. Small businesses tend to delay this step because of the cost, but if you haven’t applied for copyrights or patents, or registered your trade name and trademark or protected your trade secrets, you may have trouble making your case in court. Entrepreneurs should take their business plans to an experienced intellectual property attorney at the startup. Spending money upfront for legal help can save you from expense later by giving you strong trademark or copyright rights which can deter competitors from infringing. (emphasis mine)


Spending the money for legal guidance at the start-up of your business may seem like an additional burden to be avoided, but if you sleep on your intellectual property rights you’ll lose them. Be proactive and you’ll be protected and save money in the long run.

Very good advice indeed and you should read the whole thing. We are seeing more and more that individuals are willing to infringe another’s IP when they believe there is opportunity to do so. It makes sense to limit those opportunities as soon as possible, and to hopefully prevent the infringement from ever occurring–which is much cheaper than a lawsuit. I will have more to say on this topic in a later post.


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